This website has not been updated since 2010 and is only kept for legacy reasons

Welcome to Volunteerlabrat.com I'm a ph.d student and a mad scientist. :-) A true nerd and volunteer labrat. I give you hi-tech DIY projects. I make hardware hacks. I design cool mechanical and mechatronical gadgets and I document it all so you can do it yourself.

In other words... This site is dedicated to all DIY tech-nerd-freaks outthere...

I'm have a M.Sc degree and am currently employed as a ph.d. student in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

A lot of ideas are seeded by my educational work. I use this website to document some of these ideas and the contraptions, and hopefully You'll find my guides and documentation useful as inspiration or as guides on how to realize your own crazy and cool ideas!

Latest videos:
Video of one of the first runs of the experimental dimethyl-ether (DME) engine!
Tuning the experimental dimethyl-ether engine by ajusting injector pulse length!

Comming soon: Interface from the PIC16F628 to the LCD from a Nokia 3310!

Interfacing from PIC16F628 to the Nokia LCD display
click to enlarge...

5 Newest blueprints:

August 2010 - Green Power Consumption. Save Mother Earth without changing lifestyle.
November 2008 - Using Eagle3D on an intel mac + a few tips and tricks.
November 2008 - An ADXL202 accelerometer break-out board.
May 2008 - Make a USB memory stick bracelet and wear your portable memory at all time!
April 2008 - A DIY instant messenger online contact signalizer picture frame thingy.