Hide your email from spammers.

It is very risky to add a link on your website with your email address visible in plain HTML code. Spammers use automated programs called spiders to snatch email addresses of the internet for use in the mailicious business. This makes it very difficult to let you share your email address with valid visitors of your website. If you don't have the skills to program a contact formula in languages such as .asp og .php it becomes a allmost impossible to let others contact you.

An often used solution to this problem - and the most secure one - is to create a small picture containing your email address in the same font face as the font face of the rest of the contents of your website. Hereby it suddenly becomes much more difficult for a spammer to scan your website and find your email address

Using an image to display your email address has one major drawback. People has to type in your email address manually into their email client. This is annoying and you'd might even loose some interresting mails due to this waste of effort.

A slightly more risky method of sharing your email address is to obfuscate your email address to that the spiders doent recocnize an email link for what it is. In the formular below I offer two methods of doing this.

The first, simpler option is just an obscured version of the HTML link using ampersand code equivalents to some of the link. A couple of the letters are not converted. This with the hope that those evil spam spiders that actually do test for this form of concealment will expect all of the letters to be similarly concealed, hereby failing to recocnize the email address.

The second and more advanced option creates a Javascript that creates the link and hereby making the spider's job even harder. Unfortunately this method requires that your visitors must have Javascript enabled in oder to use the email link. But hey! Who dosen't!
In this second method the obscured HTML is used as the source for a second layer applied in Javascript in the hope that the spam spiders that can handle the first layer of obscuring cannot handle the other. -At least not both together.

Here's how you use the form. In the first field, - Link text - type the text you want to be shown in the link. Let this be your name, or "Contact me". DON'T TYPE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. this of course, would render the concealing useless.
In the second field type in your email address.
Finally select the method of obfuscation - either HTML based or Javascript based, and press "Generate concealed link".

Link text:
Email Address:
  HTML based
Javascript based

Now you're ready to cut/paste the link into the HTML code of your website.

Remember, I don't guarantee that this method of concealing your email address is 100% safe. It sure makes the spammer's job much harder, but theres no rocket-science over the method I use to obfuscate your email. It can be retrieved by the sly spammer.