Build a nifty little RS232 breakout board.

I hate having to many unneccecary components on my bread board. I often use a serial interface in my PIC projects, and I'm fed up with building the interface using the MAX232 chip every time on the bread board. Therefore I've designed a small and very simple RS232 breakout board.

This is what got on my nerves:

What goes on my nerves
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When the board is built, this is what you attach to the bread board:

Attachment to the bread board
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Here's the finished breakout board connected to a bread board:

The finished break out board
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What you need to make the board is:

1 x MAX232 or ST232 IC. (They're 100% compatible, so go for the cheaper ST232).
5 x 0.1 uf electrolytic capacitors @ 16V.
1 x D-SUB 9 pins female connector

My PCB is available here in PDF and Eagle format:

PCB in PDF and Eagle format
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And here you can see how the polarity of the capacitors should be:

Polarity overview
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Now get on etching, soldering and finally enjoy!

Oct, 2006. Written by David