Make a USB memory stick bracelet and wear your portable memory at all time!

I'm almost positive that you've tried to be in the situation that you could smack yourself for not having a USB memory stick in you hand. -I'm there all the time, so I thought:

What about wearing it around your wrist as a bracelet?

I searched a bit on the internet, and found this little cheap 2GB USB stick from Kingston. I thought it would be a cool product to modify to something even cooler, so I bought it on sight:

The Kingston USB stick
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When the USB stick arrived I decided that it could as double as the lock in a bracelet, but I diden't like the color. In no way I'll wear a purple piece of jewelry!

Unfortuenatly the color is is used by Kingston as an color-code for the size of the memory bank in this particular series of memory sticks, and as I wanted the large 2GB capacity I was forced to give it a quick paint-job to get rid of that ugly purple color.

I sanded the USB stick down in order to get a good bond with the paint:

Sanding the USB stick
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Then i covered the USB connector and LED with tape:

USB stick prepared for painting
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...and applied a few layers of black spray paint:

Painting the USB stick
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Next I had to come up with some kind of material to use for the rest of the bracelet. I'd like to give it some kind of nerdy/industrial look and unearthed an old broken ATX power supply with all its wireing covered by snake-skin. I cut off a length of wireing that would fit around my arm, applied some heat-shrink tubing on the ends to restrain the snake-skin, and glued each end to the USB stick with generous amounts of epoxy:

Bracelet glued with epoxy
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I used a fast-hardening 5 min. epoxy, so after just minutes, it was ready to wear:

Bracelet on my arm
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Hope you got inspired!

may, 2008. Written by David