We'll tell you how to see infrared light.

Your eyes cannot see infrared light (IR). It's above the visible spectrum. But here's a trick! This is what you need:

What you need to see IR light
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The trick is to use a digital camera as your very own IR goggles. Most optical chips in digital cameras will detect infrared light. Even more funny is that those chips will detect the IR light as blueish light. I have conducted this experiment with success with both my Fuji digital camera and my Samsung camera-cellphone.

Now here's what to do. Point your TV remote towards the lens of the camera. Look at the image preview on the LCD panel on the back of the camera. Now start pressing buttons on the remote. You should be able to see the IR diode on your remote flashing with a blueish color! Cool!!

A photo showing the flashing IR diode of a TV remote
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I discovered this by a coincidence. When I can explain the phenomenom, I'll post the explanation here. Have fun with your new IR goggles!!!

April, 2006. Written by David